Thursday, December 15, 2011

The Economics of Holiday Shopping

The National Retail Federation has predicted that holiday spending will increase from 2.8% in 2010 to 3.8% this year to a record $469.1 billion. Needless to say, the increase in consumer spending is great news for any business owner! The increase in sales shows that consumers are not as weary to spend their hard earned money this year. What does that mean? The economy is improving. Consumer spending is an incredibly important driving force of the economy.

The prediction of the National Retail Federation has caused many businesses to reduce their prices in order to increase the aggregate demand for their goods and services. The concept is quite simple, when you reduce the price of any goods or services the quantity demanded by consumers will grow. For example, 'Store A' was selling a pair of jeans for $40 and they reduced their price by  50% to $20 dollars, consumers are more likely to purchase the item, therefore there is an increase in aggregate demand.

The holiday and new year seasons are a great time to decrease price in order to increase aggregate demand. The price change is not made just because everyone else is doing it. During this time businesses expect an increase in consumer spending because people are in the "spending" mood. There are various holidays where gift giving takes place during the season, including: Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa.

If your business is considering a sale during the holiday season and would like to get the word out, All Delivered is here to help! With prices as low as $90 per 1,000 (with a minimum of 10,000 in selected areas), All Delivered is an affordable solution for Direct Marketing. We are here to help you boost aggregate demand for your goods and services. Call us today for a free, competitive quote! 1-877-992-5533

Monday, November 21, 2011

End of the World, or New Beginning?

The end is near! As 2012 looms above our heads, getting closer and closer, we can't help but think about all of the exciting possibilities which a new year brings, NOT that the Mayan calendar "ends." The very notion that 2012 brings the end of the world is ridiculous. The Mayan calendar may "end" in 2012, but if you actually look at the calendar it is circular... does the line (or outline) of a circle really have an end? The answer to that question is no, it simply goes round and round and round... I think you get the general idea. 

Even if I am wrong, why would you want to live in fear that the world "might" end. Don't live for what may happen, live for today. Business owners, why not start the new year with a bang! Brainstorm fresh, new ideas for your company. The beginning of the year is a great time to start a marketing campaign. Reach out to your potential clients. Perhaps it might be a good idea to come up with a special event or sale. Get the message out about your exciting idea.

If you would like assistance in getting your message out there, we are here to help! Contact All Delivered today about starting a new year campaign. We deliver flyer, door hanger, postcards, product samples, and other print materials door-to-door. For a free, competitive quote, call us today or visit our website today!

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Social Media Machine

The world of social media can be a daunting place. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogging... the list goes on. These tools can be effective marketing tools, but at times one can become overwhelmed with the number of options. Many companies don't know where to start their social media campaign. In this blog I will briefly name a few of the social media tools which you are able to utilize...

Facebook is one of the largest grossing websites. Because of the number of people on this site, it is an effective, almost necessary, tool in marketing your company. In addition to marketing, Facebook allows companies to see what type of things are important to their clients, allowing you to tailor your products or services to your clientele. Additionally, you may receive comments or suggestions which may improve your business on your Facebook profile. 

Twitter allows you to follow clients, or other businesses you aspire to be like. Like Facebook, Twitter allows you to see the type of things that are important to your clients, and this may allow you to tailor your services or products to customers.

I am guilty of spending mindless hours on YouTube watching random videos. It is helpful to make advertisement materials in video form. Many people are visual, and moving images or sideshows set to music can catch the attention of potential clients. Go to the website <click here>. Now you can link your Google accounts and Youtube. An Added bonus to any company who wants to keep things streamline.

Not only a marketing tool, blogs are also used as entertainment. Yes, you want to catch the eye of your clients, but you don't want to blog about boring dry subject. Make your blog fun and exciting... applicable to people from all walks of life. Blogs do take more time to maintain, however, in the long run they are worth it.

Don't forget to link your accounts. Post your relevant comments on all profiles... advertise new blogs and YouTube videos on Facebook and Twitter. Let your social media marketing tools work together. Marketing campaigns may take time to become successful. just because you do not see results immediately does not mean you need to give up. Keep at it, and learn from any comments or suggestions you may receive. Ask your clientele to add you on Facebook and Twitter, etc.

Good luck to everyone. If anyone needs assistance All Delivered offers Social Media Packages as a service. If you are interested in our help, contact us today!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Top Five Tips for Reputation Protection in Business

Many of you have probably already heard about the latest news about big banks "retreating" on controversial debit card fees. Many customers of banks have been left confused as to what is going on, and what to expect in the future. This has lead to people loosing faith in banks. Regardless of the field of business you are in, it is incredibly important for customers to have faith in you, and your product. If you do not have a trustworthy reputation, and customers are constantly unhappy, your business will not grow. According to the laws of supply and demand, the "quantity demanded" of your service or product will reduce, causing your prices to rise. This leads to an overall reduction in your customer base, something I am sure businesses would like to stray from.

If you are unsure as to how to build a loyal customer base, here are the Top Five Tips for Reputation Protection in Business:

Tip 1) Get your message out there: First and foremost, unless people know about your business, in other words, start an advertisement campaign. You can not expect to build a client base.

Tip 2) Be honest: Don't lie to your customers. Loyal customers are gained through building trust. Unless a customer believes in your service, it is unlikely that they will be loyal. You may gain a few customers, but remember, loyalty (repeat customers) are incredibly valuable.

Tip 4) Welcome all comments, both positive and negative: I'm sure many of you have heard the saying "we learn from our mistakes." Along with being true, that saying shows that instead of pushing aside our mistakes, failures, etc. we should instead embrace them, and use them to become a better business, ultimately building a positive reputation.

Tip 5) Communicate: Don't keep your customers in the dark. People just want to know what is going on. If something is going wrong with an order, don't try to hide it, because ultimately it will only be worse for you.

All Delivered is here if you would like assistance in building and protecting your reputation. Your friendly design team are happy to help you design material that is right for your business. We listen to our clients needs and concerns and try our best to live up to their service expectations in not only design, but also our printing and distribution services. If you are wanting to start up a door-to-door delivery campaign, contact us today.

For a free quote from an Account Executive, send us an email, visit our website, or give us a call. Allow us the privilege of helping sculpt your businesses reputation.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Marketing vs. Dating

In today's economy the field of business has become even more competitive. Customers are now more selective than ever about where they spend their money. Marketing is an incredibly important tool, which is now more valuable than ever to businesses, as it allows companies or corporations to reach out to the general public and show what they have to offer. If no one knows who you are or what products or services you offer, how are you going to generate business?

Reach out! Show people who you are and what you have to offer. Marketing is a lot like dating... you may be confused about that reference, but unless you put yourself out there, you are not likely to get results. You need to seek out the customers who are right for you (if you are interested in men you wouldn't be "marketing" yourself to women... or if selling snow cones would you market in Alaska during the winter months?). Brainstorm about who you are wanting to reach. I have mentioned how important this is in earlier blogs, and keep repeating it because it is an integral element in a marketing campaign.

If you need help with this, or anything else related to direct marketing contact the team at All Delivered. Call, email, or visit our website. We would be happy to help!

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Who is All Delivered?

All Delivered is a Premiere Distribution Service that was created to fill a need in the Advertisement delivery industry. Our sister company, The OAS, has provided unique outdoor advertising solutions to businesses across the country for the past five years.

When gas prices started to rise, consumers became more discerning about where they spend their money. Advertisers know the best way to bring their products and services to their customers is to have them brought Door-to-Door. Our history of printing and delivering Advertisements for our customers showed us some shocking things.

There is a serious lack of accountability in the distribution and delivery industry. Most distribution and delivery companies operate from a computer in their home, garage, or basement. They hire anyone – friends, teenagers, and people off the street – to distribute client door hangers and flyers. Their customers are always asking, “Were my Advertisements All Delivered?”

Our extensive experience with providing printed advertising for our customers made us realize that our distribution and delivery service are a cut above the rest. We use trained, supervised, GPS tracked, professional delivery people. We monitor and record all deliveries and keep track of our clients’ advertising media.
Some of our advertising clients had their own door hangers and flyers, and simply needed delivery. More and more, businesses began to ask if we could distribute their pre-printed Advertisements. We said, “Yes!” and All Delivered was born!

Now you can have your door hangers, flyers, postcards, and other items delivered by a truly professional Premiere Distribution Solution! Ask us for our referral list of satisfied customers!
Call All Delivered at 1-877-992-5533 today!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Marketing Design Success

Door to door advertising is still one of the most effective marketing techniques to get your produce or service noticed. Even in the high-tech age we live in, a properly implemented campaign of flyer distribution is an excellent way of reaching your customers, or potential customers. But as with anything, there are potential pitfalls.

The main thing which can cause a distribution campaign to fail is really quite simple: poor design or wording. If it is not clear what your print material is promoting, they will probably go straight into the nearest bin. An eye-catching design with clear, concise wording stating exactly what it is that you are offering with easily-located contact details is absolutely essential! Yet this is a mistake that many people make.

A cluttered design will make your flyer confusing and thus unappealing. It may be worth putting less information on it for the sake of clarity. If someone in a hurry can get a clear idea of what it is you are promoting on a first glance, it's more likely that they will keep hold of the advertisement and contact a company for further information. Depending on the size of your business, it may be worth looking into hiring a professional graphic artist to design your print material as this will ensure they are as good as they can be.

A well-implemented flyer distribution campaign can be an excellent way to reach both your existing and potential customers. A clear, concise design came make all the difference in making your delivery campaign more likely to succeed.

Brought to you by Thomas Pretty a marketing expert with many years of experience implementing hand-to-hand delivery methods.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Spread the Word

Picture from CNNs iReporters Blog

Many people are aware of the recent Occupy Wall Street movement, yet many do not even know what the demonstrators are protesting. In a recent CNN poll, reporters asked demonstrators why they were participating in the movement. The information was posted to their blog site, and the results may be surprising. The poll found that the demonstrators were not all in consensus. The poll showed that approximately 46% of people were demonstrating against government corruption, 20% were against Wall Street impunity (the very reason I initially thought the protests were happening), 19% for bailouts, 18% against corporate greed, and only 16% were protesting job scarcity. With all of the confusion it is difficult for the general public to fully understand the true intention of the protesters, are they against government corruption, Wall Street impunity, bailouts, corporate greed, or job scarcity? Whatever the reason it has brought together a diverse group of people in protest of social injustice.

Now how does this relate to your business? Like the Wall Street movement, your potential clients are diverse. They have different opinions, viewpoints, and do not necessarily like the same things. So how do you reach them? In today's day and age information is more readily available than ever before. The general public is constantly bombarded with information from  every direction. To reach your potential customers you need to specialize your advertising market. You might be wondering how to do this. Quite simply, you need to use strategy. Who are you trying to reach? If your product is aimed at woman, market to women... men, market to men, etc.

At All Delivered we help our clientele target their customers through direct marketing. We deliver where you want! If you are looking for a radius delivery, we can help! Wanting to target single family homes? We can do it! Are you attempting to reach other businesses? We will deliver!

Call us today for a free quote, and allow us to help you reach your target audience!

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Friday, October 7, 2011

Marketing Yourself

Justin Bieber did not just wake up one day famous. It took a team of people marketing Justin Beiber to the world. Without using specialized marketing techniques he would not be so famous that he is known in almost every household in the world. The same thing can be said about almost every famous figure throughout time. But how do they do this? What makes the marketing team behind the empire which is Justin Bieber so effective? The answer: specialized marketing.

Specialized marketing allows a person or business to target their audience. The team behind Justin Bieber specifically targeted tweens, and from there his fame and popularity spilled over into other age groups. As a business owner, it is important to recognize who your target audience is. Once that is determined, the marketing must be focused to appeal to the target group.

At All Delivered we allow our customers to target their customers through radius, zip code, and even specific neighborhood deliveries. Tell us who your target audience is, and we will help you reach them through the distribution of flyers, door hangers, postcards, product samples, or specialty items. If you are unsure of the location, quantity, or even what type of material you want to distribute, our friendly account executives are able to help you!

Call us today for a free quote! Allow us the privilege of getting your materials All Delivered!


Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Things to Remember When Getting a Quote

In today's global economy, consumers are given a variety of choices when it comes to both goods and services. When considering a service of product, price does matter to the consumer, and occasionally a low price can be affiliated with low quality services. 

In the door hanger and flyer distribution industry, like any other, it is not just about getting the lowest price quote. Many industries are unregulated, and consumers are sometimes disappointed with the quality of the products or services they paid for.

What sets All Delivered above the rest is our GPS tracking services. GPS tracking gives our customers the peace of mind that their print material was in fact All Delivered. The GPS tracking system is offered to all delivery companies, but 99% of our competitors choose not to use it. This brings about the question, do the companies not want you to know if your materials have really been delivered?

Key points to remember:
  • Research all of your options
  • Don't just go for the first company that gives you a low quote
  • Consider both quality and price
  • Ask for references or a list of happy customers
For peace of mind, and quality customer service. Contact us today for a free quote!

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Don't forget to ask us for a list of satisfied customers! 

Monday, October 3, 2011

Is there really no such thing as bad publicity?

With news of the latest accounting blunder, businesses are feeling the competitive pressure more than ever. Recently it has been reported that some of the largest online coupon sites have been stretching the truth when it comes to their profits. The largest company, Groupon, has postponed it's Initial Public Offering of shares and pushed back dates of meetings with investors due to the current climate, or volatility, of the stock market. With all aspects combined, the company continues to push forward in the industry. Does the saying "there is no such thing as bad publicity" apply here? Only time will tell.

Publicity is incredibly important to businesses. Unless the general public knows your company exists, how do you expect them to give you business? At All Delivered, we provide a means through which you can reach out to the public, your future customers. We have found that print media is an effective means though which you can get your business noticed. If you are interested in working with us to increase business, contact us today!!!

Call us today at 1-877-992-5533
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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bringing back Accoutability

We are one of only 4 companies nationwide that offers “LIVE GPS TRACKING!” Flyer and door Hanger advertisement distribution is an unregulated industry, and there are many companies that do not get your advertisements All Delivered! We bring back the accountability to the industry! 
With live GPS Tracking, customers are able to check deliveries are being performed in the requested location. If for some reason there needs to be a correction, you are able to contact our dispatch, who will be able to correct the situation instantly. 
With live GPS tracking, you can verify that your flyers or door hangers are in fact All Delivered, instead just taking someone’s word for it that it has been done.
For accountability, contact us today!

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

We Do What Other's Don't!We Do What Other's Don't

Tired of unreliable, unprofessional delivery people from traditional distribution Companies? 
Still Wondering whether your advertisements have all been delivered?

In today's consumer market, with high gas prices, your customers no longer drive around looking for you. To stay ahead of your competition, you must get your customers attention and place your advertisement where they will see it. Door-to-door advertising works and is used by Fortune 500 companies!

All Delivered can place your Door Hangers, Flyers, Postcards, and other Print Advertisements Door-to-Door at residential and business locations within a 1 to 3 mile radius of your business for pennies per home or business.

Top Ten Reasons People Choose All Delivered

1. We pre-count your printed Advertisements and place them in stacks of 100 to keep careful track of the quantities during the delivery process.

2. We offer LIVE GPS tracking of our delivery teams - 99% of door hanger and flyer delivery services do not do this.

3. We provide you with a website where you can watch your deliveries being made in REAL TIME on our live GPS tracking system.

4. All of our Delivery Staff are pre-screened and trained.

5. Our Delivery Teams wear uniforms and can be easily seen doing their job for you.**

6. Our professional Delivery Staff work in groups that are supervised by our Distribution Managers.

7. We don’t hire illegals or use vagrants to distribute your printed materials.

8. Our Customer Service is available during business hours to answer your questions and walk you through viewing your delivery live online.

9. We are licensed and work out of our business offices, not our garage or basement.

10. We have provided Advertising and Delivery Services to businesses across the US for over five years. We have a proven track record! Our parent company has been featured on CNN!

At All Delivered we take your delivery needs seriously and provide you with the best service for the lowest cost. We are your Premiere Distribution Solution without the premiere price! See our Services page for details. Call us today and our Professional Account Representative will tailor a delivery plan just for you!

** In select locations only
Phone: 1-877-992-5533